Our Services

Geolink Logistics has been providing logistics and warehousing services in Cambodia for over two decades.

We over General Cargo Transport, Oil and Gas Transport and Warehousing.

We boast a strong network, support, maintenance facilities and a team of highly trained professionals.

Domestic Transport

Geolink Logistics has a fleet of over 100 trucks ranging from 1.5 to 35 tons.

Our fleet include palletised, container and fuel tanker trucks.

We have a reputation for on-time delivery, an impeccable safety record due to intensive driver training, GPS tracking systems.

Logistics costs optimization are key values that we bring to our domestic transport clients.

General Cargo Transport

Geolink Logistics has deep expertise in transporting alcohol and non-alcohol beverages, FMCG goods, agricultural, construction, garment and pharmaceutical products nationally throughout Cambodia.

Our extensive network provides us with the ability to drive down costs and we pass those benefits directly to our customers.

Oil, Gas & Lubricants Transportation and Logistics

Geolink Logistics has extensive experience in safely transporting both flammable and hazardous material products.

Safety and efficiency are of top priority in the transportation of these categories of product. Currently, two of the leading global gas and oil companies depend on Geolink Logistics for logistical transportation services within Cambodia. Our highly professional team of drivers are disciplined, trained and safety conscious.


Warehousing and Hub Management is an integral component of the supply chain and an area in which Geolink Logistics has developed a specific expertise.

With more than 10 years of experience in managing warehouses and cross docking activities in Cambodia we can provide you flexible and innovative logistics solutions tailor-made to your specific business model.

Our centrally located Logistics Hub in Phnom Penh is modern, state-of-the-art and secure.

On a daily basis, we look after your stock in order to supply production lines and/or to meet orders placed by end-customers.

 And when you experience seasonal changes and temporary overflows, we can offer you flexible storage solutions. 

In both situations, you do not have to make any capital investment, and instead, you share our resources and reduce supply chain costs. 

By utilizing our warehousing and hub solutions, you can turn fixed costs into floating costs.

Our services to our customers include:


Manual/Automatic Loading/Unloading

Properly size/oversized cargo storage

Packing/repacking, marking, handling as per your specific requirements

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